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Ajaye' Carter lives by this motto: If you want 100 years of prosperity, GROW PEOPLE, and ole Chinese Proverb. Don’t let your past determine your future and do not let anyone define your success. After enduring a challenging road and some dispiriting set-backs & experiences where his environment was more powerful than his will to change, Ajaye' managed to dramatically turn his life around and is becoming an inspirational motivation speakers for generations to come.

Growing up in South Central, Los Angeles, California, and dealing with the split of his parents at a young age, Ajaye learned early on that the only person one can truly rely on, is oneself. Forced to grow and development as a young man without his father's daily guidance & direction, he looked to the streets and began an involvement with society norms to survive.

After joining the Navy, Ajaye' decided that it was finally time to “flip the switch”. With a fresh new outlook and his mindset on becoming a man, Ajaye' set out to reinvent himself, only to learn that significant change did not come easy. Having come from a past with more hardship than opportunity at times, he found that finding a new "image" would be a challenge. However, Ajaye's determination to succeed surmounted the struggle, which was evident by two individuals (Elliot Simpson 

and Clarence Peters, USN-Retired) who decided they had seen enough of his behavior and took him under their wings and began to mentor and coach. They taught him to "Never to use discrimination for his lack of self development". His new outlook of life and career path gave him the confidence, stability, and security, he never experienced ... and more importantly, was a catapult to his successful 20 year Navy career.

His mess has now become his message. Ajaye Carter has dedicated the rest of his life to giving back to "Community", developing and shaping the mindset of hundreds of thousands across this nation from all walks of life. 

Don't Let Someone Else's Opinion of You Become

Your Reality, Help Others Achieve their Dreams and

You Will Achieve Yours.

Les Brown

Author: Live Your Dreams

cIc creates an ongoing collaborative relationship with clients built on taking action in making career transitions, re-evaluating life choices, dissatisfied with with current life situations, and looking for personal and professional beakthroughs. Your return on investment is not limited to the following:

- Define Your Goals and Dreams

- Identify What Is Holding You Back

- How To Change Your Thinking, To Change Your Life

- Take More Effective and Focused Actions

- Doing More Than You Would Do On Your Own

- Creating More Life Balance and Fulfillment

- Improving Your Quality of Life

cIc focus is on where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there quickly, not on WHY you are where you are. Societies and Communities across America needs help. cIc, provides unique and specialized strategies in helping hundreds of thousand individuals and organization find solutions, reach their maximum potential, and profitability.

Life is A Do It Yourself Project,

Your Life Tomorrow Will Be the Results

of Your Attitude & the Choices You Make Today


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