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The Motivational Speaker

and member of the

Johnny-Wimbrey Speaking Network

Ajaye' Carter is a Messenger of Hope and soon to be co-author of the book, "The Ultimate Job Interview", a blueprint to altering your work habits and unleashing your productivity. Sought after by various entities, his message has encouraged thousands across the corporate, public, government, and academia, regarding organizational success, personal achievement and professional ecellence. Ajaye' Carter is the President and CEO of Career Image-Consultants. As an expert in human behavior modification and a well-known master facilitator. He has a unique ability to educate, inspire, and involve audience members in his powerful interactive seminars.

Ajaye' specializes in bringing together intellectual differences within individuals and motivating them to work together without destroying relationships. By effectively employing these skills, he has helped organizations maintain the highest degree of operational readiness by fostering positive human relations interaction throughout a diverse workforce.

"It is important to have mentors to coach you in

every area of your life, a winner knows when to

swallow his/her pride in order to resolve a higher

cause or purpose. Winners also understands that

it is impossible to win by themselves"

Johnny Wimbrey

International Motivational Speaker

Johnny Wimbrey on Ancient Principles for Success

Johnny Wimbrey Mentor, #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker & TV Personality. Endorses Ancient Principles for Success.

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On building bridging between cultures and experiences, Ajaye’ brings insight to his audiences via Seminars, Workshops, and Focus Groups to empower individuals and organization to create and control their own vision and destination in their personal and professional lives. Ajaye's life goal has been to inspire others with success secrets that his own life has proven to work.

In advocating “Community”, Ajaye’ is a former member and mentor of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America, the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice Court for first time offenders. Formerly, the founder and President of Building Bridges of Understanding, a “Center of Excellence for Equal Employment Opportunity”, and now the President and Chief Executive Office of Career Image Consultants, Mentoring Tomorrow Leaders... in the 21 Century, a truly dedicated professional.

"You are the same today as you'll be

in five years except for two things,

the books you read and the

people you meet.”

Charlie Tremendous Jones

Career Image-Consultants can not only assist you and your company in creating a winning mindset, but also developing the wisdom to think and WIN BIG. Do not be satisfied with the status quo: letting your environment or economy determine your ceiling of success, become a leader in your job, home, and family. Winners understand, I MUST do today what others don't, in order to have the tomorrow that others won't.

You are a Winner!

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