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Ajaye' Carter

Through the use of hisown personal struggles and testimonies, Ajaye' creates an atmosphere of awareness, determination, passion, and urgency. His unique style and powerful interactive presentations captivate diverse audiences from all walks of life. Sought after by various organizations, specializing in Workplace Learning and Performance in three special areas:

Skills Management

Leadership Development

Organizational Performance

Ajaye' Carter's message has encouraged hundreds to thousands, by empowering individuals and organization to create and control their own vision and destiny without destroying relationships. His story of growing up in South Central Los Angeles, California, is not an easy one to hear, but his journey to success and happiness is a testament to the power of the human spirit.

Ajaye Carter discovered the power of having multiple "mentors" to transform his life. Now, this self-made entrepreneur, businessman, motivational speaker and author is sharing his secrets to success with audiences everywhere. From adversity to prosperity, Ajaye' Carter empowers others with his story.

I am personally thankful for every hardship, every trial, every burden. These personal experiences have molded me to become the well accomplished, relentless, and laser focused man that I am today. Ajaye' has transformed his life from a mess into a "message" and now encourages others within his influence and sound of his voice to NEVER let your past determine your future or use discrimination for your lack of self development. Who said life was fair? Reality check! Only you are in complete control of who you are, where you are going, and where you will end up.

There is a saying: If you think you will be successful, you are right---- If you think you won't be successful, you are also right...

Ajaye Carter | I Mastered Failure But Look At Me Now

Ajaye has overcome poverty, discrimination and countless other obstacles, and he is a testament to what can happen when you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep believing in yourself. If you ...

If you are looking for a mentor who knows how to overcome adversity, 

look no further than Ajaye Carter.

"It's time to STOP following parked cars,

START following the leader..."

Johnny Wimbrey

"Surround yourself with individuals who

have already achieved what you desire..."

Jim Rohn

"Always strive to be on TOP of your

game, because its very crowded at the bottom"

Les Brown

"You cannot take charge of the present, if you

are busy reliving the setbacks of the past"

Newman & Berkowitz

Opportunity is the door than can ONLY

be opened from the inside…


Others can STOP you temporarily, ONLY YOU

can STOP yourself permanently


Winners understand,

I MUST do today what others don't,

in order to have the tomorrow that others won't.

To book Ajaye for an event,

past this information share with your

event coordinator office.

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